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Load Management

Lake Region Electric actively promotes the use of load management to it's members. Receivers are installed by Lake Region Electric electrical department.

Load management refers to the control of various customer electric loads during times of peak usage on the electric system. By managing loads so that they are not all on at the same time, the cooperative is able to reduce wholesale power purchases, thus saving money and resources.

What is controlled under load management?

  • Electric water heaters
    • Water heaters may be controlled up to 4 consecutive hours. If load control is still needed after a four hour period the water heaters will be cycled ON for one hour and OFF for two hours for the duration of the control period. The average water heater will heat 22 to 26 gallons of water over an one hour period.
    • A $4 monthly bill credit is applied to any member's electric bill that is particpating in the load managment program.
    • All residential members of Lake Region Electric using an electric water heater are eligible to participate in the load management program.


  • Air Conditioning
    • Air conditioning will be controlled during high temperatures during the months of May, June, July, August and September. The duration and magnitude of the Electric Peak will determine how long a control period will last. During a control period the air conditioning system compressor is cycled on and off in 15 minute intervals. The fan that circulates the air through your duct system inside your home is allowed to run continuously during a control period.
    • Members that have their air conditining unit connected to load mangement receives a reduce rate of $0.061/kWh.


  • Irrigation
    • Irrigation systems are turned off once it is determined control is needed. They will remain off with no cycling until the peak usage period has passed. Irrigation systems are the last type of load to be controlled and the first type of load to be restored during a control period. Notification via phone, text or email is avaliable to any member who wishes to be notified of an irrigation control event. There is no cost for this notification.
    • Irrigation systems that are on the load control receive a lower demand charge.


  • Grain Dryers
    • Fans that are used to natural air drying can be controlled during any month of the year. During a control period these fans will remain off 100% of the time.


When is load control initiated?

Load Control is initiated whenever it is deemed necessary by our power suppliers - East River Electric in Madison, South Dakota. Most Load Control is initiated during times of temperature extremes, mainly in the afternoons and evenings during high temperatures in the summer months and mornings and evenings during low temperatures in the winter months. However, Load Control is used every month of the year to some degree to help keep your energy costs as low as possible. Signals are sent over the power lines to the receivers, which then cycle the load.

How do I know if I'm being controlled?

Members can click here to view East River Electric's website and view what loads are being controlled. If you would like to know which group you are in please contact Lake Region Electric's member service department at 1-800-657-5869. 

Who installs the load managment equipment?

Qualified Lake Region Electric electricians install load control receiver equipment and associated wiring.

What will it cost me to install load management equipment?

There is no charge to install or remove load managment equipment from your home or business.

What if I decide I no longer want my quipment controlled?

The load management program is a voluntary program. Load control equipment can be removed at any time. However, any incentive obtained while particapting in the load management program will be forfeited.

For more information contact Brett Kwasniewski.






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