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Lake Region Electric offers rebates on lifetime warranty water heaters, heat pumps and commercial/agricultural building electric heat.  The rebate program is as follows:

Rebate Amount of Rebate Requirements
Heat Pumps $600

1. Equipment must be new electrical equipment

2. At least a 2 ton electric heat pump

3. Heating Seasonal Perforamce Factor (HSPF) on the outdoor unit of 8.5 or greater

Water Heaters 50 gallon - $300
85 gallon - $510
105 gallon - $630

1. Must be a lifetime warranty water heater

2. Wired thru a load control device

3. Installed at a location served by LREA

Third Party Irrigation
Managment Systems

1. System eliminates the need for Esat River load control receiver

2. Ability to ingest automated notice from East River of shed and restore via email, text or voice

3. Provide less than 15-minute latency from East River email to load shed/restore





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