The Board of Directors of Lake Region Electric Association, Inc. consists of seven members. Individuals who wish to run for the board must file a petition signed by fifteen (15) fellow members 45 days prior to the annual meeting. Board members are elected to three-year terms at the annual meeting. Current board members and district map are pictured below.

photo of directors seated

District 3

Kermit Pearson

11306 434th Ave
Lake City, 57247

District 4

Thomas Steiner

12134 438th Ave
Eden, 57232

District 1

Andrea Kilker

442721 N. Shore Dr.
Lake City, 57247

District 2

Mark Wismer

PO Box 1059
Britton, 57430

District 6

Rodney Tobin
Vice President

12743 422nd Ave
Pierpont, 57468

District 5

Cody Paszek

44411 127th St.
Grenville, 57239

District 7

Amy Kuecker

14762 438th Ave
Webster, 57274

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