Lake Region Electric employs highly-trained, licensed electricians to assist you with a variety of wiring needs, including new wiring or repair, service entrance installation or upgrading overhead to underground wiring conversion, trenching, pole setting, underground fault locating and repair, sub-meter installation and load management installation. For more information, contact our member service manager Brett Kwasniewski at 1-605-345-3379 or toll free 1-800-657-5869.

As we use more electricity in our homes and on our farms, it’s even more important to make sure our electrical systems are suitable. Electrical wiring that is inadequate, overloaded or outdated isn’t just inconvenient–it’s dangerous.

If you are considering rewiring your home or shop or plan to expand, remember any work must meet the minimum requirements of the SD Electrical Commission Standards and the National Electrical Code.

A homeowner can wire their personal place of residence or farm with the proper wiring permit. But, rewiring a home or farm building, adding circuits or upgrading systems is typically a job for a licensed electrical contractor.

Member Services

Brett Kwasniewski, Manager


Nick Kvernevig, Electrician

Vinson Dargatz, Apprentice Electrician

Leonard Deibert, Material Clerk

Zac Bremmon, Electrician

Kurt Hoines, Custodian

Brett Kwasniewski, Manager