Lake Region Electric Association offers different options to help keep their costs down during the heating season. One of the main offerings is through “heat meters.” From October 1 through April 30, energy used for heating purposes is eligible for the current electric heat rate of 5.56 cents per kilowatt, or about half the regular charge per kilowatt.  In order for members to receive the heat rate, sub-metering must be installed to record actual consumption of heating equipment. Heating equipment such as electric furnaces, baseboard and cove heat and electric heat pumps are eligible for the discounted heat rate, as long as they are hard wired to the sub meter. Space heaters, or portable heaters that plug into a traditional outlet are not eligible for the discounted heat rate.


Lake Region Electric offers rebates to our members installing Electric Heat Pumps. 

To qualify for the rebates, members must provide proof of purchase and installation of a new heat pump with a HSPF rating of 8.2 or greater. Mini-splits must be less than 2 ton to be eligible for the rebate. This rating can be determined by the seller of the heat pump. Members are not required to participate in the load control program in order to qualify for the discounted rate in the heating season but they will need to participate in load control during the cooling months. Heat will not be controlled but air conditioning will be when our power supplier reaches their peak during the cooling season.



Heat Pumps are one of the most efficient forms of electric heat. There are different types of heat pumps for home and commercial use. Air-source heat pumps pull heat indoors from outdoor air in the winter and takes it from indoor air in the summer. Air-source heat pumps require little maintenance, and it is relatively easy to convert to from a propane or oil system. Ground-source heat pumps use the natural energy stored in the earth beneath us. They use the same unit for heating, cooling and water heating and have the highest efficiency rating. Ground-source units have a higher initial cost, but their increased operating efficiency means a shorter payback period and equal huge savings for owners. Mini-split heat pumps are ductless and are ideal for older homes and home renovation. They are smaller than an air-source heat pump and are easy to install because there is no duct work. This type of unit is extremely energy efficient and one outdoor compressor unit can run multiple units inside.

There are many reasons for the projected rise in heating costs this winter. Lake Region Electric continues to strive to provide you reliable power at an affordable rate. We encourage our members to conserve energy when possible, to keep your bills down and our rates stable.