Security Lights

Yard Lights

Lake Region Electric has yard lights available for purchase or rent.

          Lights installed on a transformer pole can be rented only.

LED lights may be owned or rented.  They are available in 48 watt or 90 watt sizes.

  • Purchased / owned lights are wired thru the meter. All kWh and maintenance required are paid by the member.
    • Lights are available for purchase at Lake Region Electric in 48, 73 & 59 watt. Call the office for pricing.
  • Rental lights are wired before the meter. All kWh and maintenance required are paid by the cooperative.
    • Call Jim Grimes to ask about installing a rental yard light.

Our material department tries to stock replacement parts for the above lights whenever possible.

For more information regarding yard lights contact our office.

Yard Light Repairs

Lake Region Electric will repair member owned yard lights. There is a service charge, plus parts, for any repairs to member owned lights.

         Repairs will be scheduled as soon as possible but can take around two weeks after a request is made.

All rental yard lights are maintained by Lake Region Electric at no additional cost to the member. 

          Repairs will be scheduled when crews are in the area.