Lake Region Electric Association cares about the youth in our communities. We offer many opportunities for teens and younger children to learn about leadership, electricity, and the cooperative model.


Scholarship Opportunities Available Through LREA

Lake Region Electric Association is dedicated to supporting the youth in the communities that we serve! Education and Concern for Community are two of the seven Cooperative Principles that we are guided by. One way that we show this dedication and concern is by providing scholarship opportunities for youth who intend to further their education by attending a vocational program or a traditional college or university. Lake Region Electric Association has a variety of scholarship opportunities available for area students: The Duane Snaza Memorial Scholarship, the Basin Electric Power Cooperative Scholarship and the Charles Johnson Trust Scholarship.

Touchstone Energy Scholar of The Week

What does it take to be a Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week? It's not just about grades or athletic ability. It takes a well-rounded individual that excels in the classroom and the community.

Touchstone Energy Cooperatives and Dakota News Now have joined together to recognize the achievements of high school seniors throughout the region. "Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week" has been celebrating the achievements of high school seniors since 2002. Recipients are highly motivated high school seniors who excel in the classroom and community. This program was founded on the four pillars of Touchstone Energy: Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and a Commitment to Community. Since the Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week program began, more than $90,000 in scholarships has been awarded to over 590 students. Currently, students are awarded $250 to use as they wish and are eligible to win larger scholarships at a banquet in the spring!

For more information on the program please contact Lake Region Electric Association, your local Touchstone Energy cooperative.


We’re Going on an Adventure!

Every year Lake Region Electric Association, Inc. teams up with other cooperatives and our energy partners to send local students on two exciting trips where they learn about the electric industry and the cooperative community. Sending students on these educational trips is a part of what sets Lake Region Electric Association, and fellow co-ops, apart from other utility providers. We believe that investing in the education of our future leaders is important and we are giving back to our members by teaching students in fun and engaging ways. Both trips are at little to no cost to the students and parents. Travel, transportation, lodging and most meals are provided. Students should bring their own spending money for incidentals and shopping. Qualifying students who would like to participate but do not feel they can afford to go due to the possibility of having to pay for a couple of meals will not be disqualified, they just need to let Laura or Brett at the LREA office know and we will work with you in a confidential manner.


There are many aspects to working in the electric industry and Lake Region Electric Association being a cooperative puts another spin on things. Students can learn different parts of the electrical industry and what it takes to run a cooperative efficiently. Job shadowing takes place in all departments. 

Students wishing to intern with Lake Region Electric Association are encouraged to visit with their high school or college advisors, or contact Brett Kwasniewski at Lake Region Electric.

Summer Jobs

Lake Region regularly hires high school and college students in the summer to help with day-to-day activities that increase as the construction season ramps up. This is a great opportunity for young people who may be thinking about a career in the electrical industry to get some experience and become familiar with the work and processes involved.